1     day     workshop:


thursday     13th    December    2018    |    coworkinc.    kemang

No one should make a mistake selecting a Logo, Photograph, Brochure, and Display Booth!

In 1 day, our Design Expert will teach you how to become an Expert in Evaluating & Planing Brand Design, so your brand has the Maximum Success in the market.

This workshop is NOT for designers. This is a special Creative Workshop for the Entrepreneur/CEO, Brand Executive, and Marketing Manager/Director. Anyone who is starting a new product brand regardless of the size of your company.

In    1    day,    our    Design    Expert    will    teach    you    how    to    become    an    Expert    in    Evaluating    &    Planing    Brand    Design, so    your    brand    has    the    Maximum    Success    in    the market.

  • Global & Local Ideas, Inspiration, & Guidance to Build A Successful Brand!
  • Expert Thinking: SEE and THINK About Design Applications in the Real WorldPrinciples.
  • Expert Understanding: Learn what Functional Design is and why it works!
  • Expert Briefing: Learn to communicate with designers
  • Expert Design Plan: Learn to build Better Brand Designs!


08.30 – 09.00Registration
09.00 – 10.00How to Evaluate Logos: Global Trends
10.00 – 10.15Teabreak
10.15 – 12.00How to Evaluate Logos: The Expert Challenge!
12.00 – 13.30Lunch
13.30 – 14.15How to Maximize Photography for your Brand?
14.15 – 15.00What Template Best Suits Your Brochure, Poster or Banner?
15.00 – 15.20Teabreak
15.20 – 16.30How to Best Display Your Product or Service?

meet    your    experts

Wing    Loke Founder, eLOGIC Branding Singapore/Malaysia

Wing Loke has trained 100+ entrepreneurs and 80 start-up companies in Malaysia’s Multimedia Corridor, managers in Nestle, Unilever, BritCham, Singapore Youth Conference, Guangzhou Tourism, and Thailand Management.

He was a Branding Strategist & Research Director for projects in London, New York, Boston, Dallas and Asia, working for WPP’s Henley Centre London & China, Ogilvy, & Leo Burnett in Asia.

Wing led the "Brand Behaviour & Social Class" report in China purchased by Nokia, Kodak, P&G, & The Economist Intelligence Unit.

He has consulted for Malaysia Airport (Euromoney Winner), Toyota, ABN AMRO, Pepsi, Nutea, AMEX, KFC, Unilever, Nestle, GSK, IBM, Shell, PT MNC, etc. Wing holds an MBA in Entrepreneurship & MPhil in Management (UK).

Silke    Widjaksono Creative Director, eLOGIC Branding Indonesia

Silke is an expert in the area of brand identity design, visual merchandising, and product packaging.

She is well-known in Indonesia for having worked as an Art Director for RCTI, Creative Manager of Coconut Island & HAMMER, and Creative Consultant for major local companies.

She has been working with various brands from Tupperware, A&W, Lois Jeans, TOTO, Urban Icon, Miss Mondial, Alto, Taman Puri Permata Hijau and many more.

Her work on product label design for Tupperware Indonesia won the IMDA Gold Medal award and her photography work has been selected for Apple iPhone6 billboard campaigns.

She now works to guide companies in Indonesia to develop excellent Functional Design.


Rp    1.900.000    (including lunch + 2x coffee break)
early    bird    :    Rp    1.200.000 ( for registration before 1st Dec 2018 )


Due to limited capacity and for maximum impact of the workshop, we have to limit our participants. Once you register, you will receive a confirmation email if the seat is still available. You will be given 24 hours to complete your registration. After 24 hours, your seat will automatically be release to other participant.



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